"Callida Stone" & "Ceteri Paverstone" are quarried in Florida which qualifies them as a locally, indigenous material. Our quarrying process allows for the land to be reclaimed for farm use once the stone has been harvested.  


" Callida Stone" & "Ceteri Paverstone"  are limestone which by it's very nature is a porous material.  When used with a porous grout system, it helps to reduce storm water runoff.  They can be used in the same application as a brick paver.  

Our 4" "Callida Stone" has been tested with an average compressive strength of 3680 PSI (Universal Engineering Sciences Testing - 2007).  The stone can also help to reduce the heat-island effect since it is cool to the touch.  When used as a retaining wall, "Callida Stone" can help to reduce long-term erosion and is not susceptible to rotting or termites.  



Alys Beach, FL - FGBC Certified Green Development


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Alys Beach, FL - FGBC Certified Green Development


Cap Stone Industries of Central Florida, Inc. was founded in 2002 after years of research into the possibility of taking natural Florida LimestoneCap Rock Boulders and designing the machinery that would allow us to "cut" the stone into various thicknesses. 

This process allowed Cap Stone Industries to provide a product that would permit landscape designers to use a "stackable" natural stone product in their outdoor landscaping features while retaining the natural beauty of the stone.  

Thus the "Callida Stone" Series was born and has far exceeded our expectations in beauty and versatility.  From retaining walls to patios and driveways, "Callida Stone" is a perfect natural compliment in your landscape design.

In 2010, Cap Stone Industries introduced the "Ceteri Paverstone Series" for a more uniform look with natural stone and the flexibility of the stone is only defied by the imagination.